New iPad mini ad: “I’ll Be Home”

A girl and her grandfather share a moment of holiday cheer over FaceTime.

  • Just me or are some of these ads getting a little lazy?

    • Maybe, however, consider the point of an ad: to communicate a product’s existence and benefits. Most people know what’s an iPad by now, and putting a mini next to it communicates “there’s now a small iPad”. And the benefit is seeing your relatives in crisp video, even if they’re only home for Christmas in their dreams. Lazy? Who knows. But I’d say effective.

    • okungnyo

      It’s not just you. Apple has lots its “ad” magic.

      And who has gained it? Google. Case in point, the “Nexus: Ask Me Anything” ad:

      Seriously the ad is so catchy that I still watch it a few times everyday.

      And I know you guys will downvote me like hell for that, but TRY TO LOSE YOUR BIAS and view this objectively.

      The music is catchy, it’s well-edited, and advertises a unique feature only available for Nexus devices.

      What does this iPad ad show? 30 seconds of two people video chatting. Come on, Apple, with Google+ Hangouts, you can chat with up to ten people!

      • I’m the down vote king here. Speak against Jim/Apple or for Google and BOOM! (no matter how sane the argument)

        Agreed on the Nexus commercial. They also have a new one about Christmas and the little android character that was well done.

        • None of us here are the intended targets of either ad. The targets are people who have no knowledge of anything that distinguishes one brand from another.

          Whether we love or hate these ads is more about flag-waving than it is about their ultimate effect upon sales of devices.

          • Agree on sales but I don’t care to flag wave too often. I call it like I see it. Those with a flag are the ones that argue no matter the point.

          • Not at all like you!

          • That’s why I like Disqus: check my record. 😉 Blind faith isn’t my style.

      • The Nexus ad is nice, but it’s also very much in the vein of a number of Apple’s other “catchy, well-edited” ads that show the everyday convenient functionality of iOS with a pop-music underscore. You’re comparing two different presentation styles here, and that’s disingenuous.

        Apple advertises in a bunch of different styles. To say they’ve “lost their ad magic” sounds like they’re never going to vary their presentation ever again.

        Keep waving your flag. You don’t deserve a downvote.

      • Steven Fisher

        I don’t know. I would probably like it more if I could stand the music. But then again, I suppose the same is true of the Apple ads. Just so far, I’ve liked the music.

  • If only it looked that HD IRL. 🙂

    I dig the commercial though, very touching.

    • Both iPad mini and and the new iPad Retina 4th gen have a high-def FaceTime camera. That’s how it looks.

      • Haven’t seen a 4 but the camera isn’t the only factor. WiFi (I assume, since they’re home) must be top notch to support HD streaming (push and pull).

        • Steven Fisher

          Well… not really “top notch,” but even reliable is pretty unlikely sometimes.

          • True on top notch but a high consumer plan usually can do it. HD is 1.5 Mbps+, better at 2, and most can’t consume that let alone push it.

          • Mr. Bee

            I don’t know where you guys are living but in Canada, a FaceTime HD call over WiFi is nothing and doesn’t “tax” anyones system or require that they be “high end” or any of that. It also works over cell with the same quality, speed, etc. and also no need for any “high end” plan etc.

          • I live in Texas and I clarified the high end as being able to push 1.5 Mbps+. Cellular networks in the USA have seen those speeds.

            I’m not saying it is impossible but that video looks 1080p, edited into the iPad shell and not a live shot from an iPad streaming video. (like Nokia did but not a big deal like Nokia)

          • Steven Fisher

            I don’t know, John. That looks pretty typical, at least at times it’s possible to get a good connection over wifi. I have no trouble getting that quality at home. At work is a different story. I think it’s just wifi noise, but it’s also possible we have technical trouble upstream of us. If I had a computer with an ethernet jack anymore, I’d plug it in some evening after everyone else has gone home and diagnose. 🙂

          • Yeah, it’s possible but the typical Internet isn’t that fast. Techie connections don’t count. We upgrade just ’cause. 😀

            Lol @ work.

          • Steven Fisher

            Although I’ll certainly grant you that their lighting is much better than my house! I’m not sure if that makes it “fake,” but lighting is a pretty common liberty to take.

          • Lol, yeah. Lighting is setup for sure but that’s expected. 😀

          • Steven Fisher

            I was agreeing with you, Mr. Bee. The only times I’ve had trouble have been with WiFi. Getting reliable Wi-Fi can difficult in some areas due to crowding.

  • Nacho

    Big or Mini, the iPad is a fantastic device. Not essencial as the iPhone, but definitely the best present for the xmas. Apple, don’t send me a check, I really mean it. Keep it up.

  • It’s not a dazzling commercial but it delivers a good point of communication between different generations. I just figured it was a grand-daughter telling her grand-dad she would be home for Christmas and they’d get to see one another. I suppose they could have used a telephone for that instead of FaceTime.

    • Mr. Bee

      I think that’s the point. This is actually an Advert for FaceTime, the iPads are just what you do it with. It’s telling the average person that you can do this thing called FaceTime now, and all you have to worry about is that both ends have an iPad. It’s saying, “give an iPad to Grandpa and this can happen.”

  • Mr. Bee

    Great advert, but I can’t help but notice in almost every single Apple advert that features FaceTime, the iPads in use are clearly sitting in a dock. Even though Apple doesn’t f*cking make docks anymore!!!!!!

    Seriously Apple, make a damn dock for the iPad and iPad mini.

  • jsgdhgshsh

    i will kill that girl