Instagram fucked themselves

National Geographic has posted an image on its photo feed saying it was “suspending new posts to Instagram. We are very concerned with the direction of the proposed new terms of service.”

It’s one thing when individual users stop posting to Instagram, but when an organization like National Geographic stops, you’ve got problems.

  • Much like every other “privacy uproar” the last few years, this one will blow over and people will continue using the service.

    It’s sad that these services don’t figure out a way to make money BEFORE they get so many users and implement it immediately—because changing the service later in order to make money NEVER goes over well.

    • Not to mention that they are now owned by Facebook, who has a history of 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Like gas prices. Given facebooks history, I went ahead and deleted my instagram account on the first day of this bullshit. Not looking back.

      • I’ll likely keep my account, as I enjoy using the service. But I will pay close attention to what I share on Instagram. I don’t care about 90% of the pics I share, but I don’t want photos of my son showing up in a brochure somewhere a year from now.

    • Not sure this will simply blow over. Most normal people couldn’t careless what the tech blogerati think. But they will care when their favorite celebrities walk away and stop posting provocative photos of themselves constantly to adoring fans. It’s no surprise to see so many celebs threatening to walk away as agents and reps are very protective of things like image rights and people making a sly buck off them.

      I wonder for how many of them Instagram’s initial stance puts them at a point of no return as far as their advisors go. Based on my experience working on official websites for some reasonably famous athletes for almost a decade (and having to deal with shit from their agents and reps), I’d say Instagram have already fucked themselves over pretty damn good.

  • Don’t you think it’s also worth noting that they did this shortly after the initial hysteria posts on Wednesday (2 days ago) before any of Instagram’s responses?