Gangnam Style sets YouTube record of 1 billion views

The first video ever to hit 1 billion.

  • Hypothesard

    What does that say about internet users (or humanity)?

  • Honestly, I hadn’t laid eyes on frame one of the original video until just now. I don’t know what I was expecting. Its serviceable as far as pulsing dance beats go. I guess I can’t hate it too much ’cause there’s no sense of pretence in it. It’s obviously not taking itself very seriously, so I can’t despise it on the level of the Rebecca Black video. This is actually amusing and semi entertaining to watch. Not more than once, mind you. But I don’t think it’s anything to rally AGAINST.

  • tyr

    I love this song, it’s pure pop: a serviceable beat you can bop to, some humour and sexy ladies. All without the excrable US style product placement and pandering.

  • asians love youtube!

  • AndyM

    Here’s a version with some boys and girls with far too much time on there hands collecting for a good cause