Appreciating nice things

What Apple understands and its critics did not (and still do not) is that many people, from all walks of life, simply appreciate nice things. They accuse Apple of pretension and elitism, but it’s they, the critics, who hold that the mass market for phones and tablets is overwhelmingly comprised of tasteless, fickle shoppers who neither discern nor care about product quality.

I think Apple and the buying public have proven Gruber right. People do want nice things and they are willing to pay for quality.

  • John David

    Yes, & in a similar way, Apple did the same thing with iTunes: proved that the majority of people will pay for their music if given good quality at a reasonable price.

    How elitist of us to do so!

  • Winski

    HOO RAH… Apple or nothing.. sorry.

  • JohnDoey

    I have a friend who almost lost her business because of high I-T consultant fees. In desperation, she replaced one of her Windows PC’s with a Mac mini and gradually transitioned to working in Mac OS X, and then her I-T consultant needs went almost entirely away, and she started getting more work done per hour and billing more work. The Mac paid for itself within weeks. My friend didn’t even really care that the Mac mini was small and sleek, she only cared that it worked and her Windows PC’s did not.

    So I don’t think it had anything to do with luxury or premium — people just want computers that work! Apple is the only one providing that.