Apple achieves highest ever smartphone market share

The latest smartphone sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech shows Apple has achieved its highest ever share in the US (53.3%) in the latest 12 weeks*, with the iPhone 5 helping to boost sales.

This is for the US market, but what must be scary for the competition is that Kantar expects Apple’s growth to continue through December.

  • Whatever. Market share is not the only metric to follow. Profits are pretty damn important. In the long run, Android will have the largest share because: 1. The carriers prefer Android and lots of people stupidly buy what the carriers push. 2. Many (most?) people focus on initial cost above all else. How else can you explain $299 laptops?

    • JDSoCal

      And Apple has the highest profits too. Roughly double the margins of the only profitable Android maker, Samsung.

    • quietstorms
      1. The carriers haven’t been pushing the iPhone for some time now and its growing market share anyway.

      2. This is irrelevant with the subsidy model in the US where you can get an iPhone free on contract.

      The bone I’ll throw you is that with the US subsidy model the iPhone can better compete with cheap Android phones. This is why the iPhone has a much smaller market share in Europe and South America.

    • Apple has a bit more market share than Android.

      Apple eviscerates Android in profits.

      And yes, they are pretty damn important.

  • Analysts can not be trusted, right?

    • They can when they are telling a story that suits Jim’s narrative. Security scaremongering is also acceptable from companies selling security software when they are scaring Android users.