Safari was almost called “Freedom”

Don Melton:

I don’t recall all the names, but one that stands out is “Freedom.” Steve spent some time trying that one out on all of us. He may have liked it because it invoked positive imagery of people being set free. And, just as possible and positive, it spoke to our own freedom from Microsoft and Internet Explorer, the company and browser we depended on at the time.

I just love these types of stories.

[Via 9to5 Mac]

  • JohnDoey

    That would have been a good name for the browser that broke Internet Explorer’s hold on the Web and also freed the Web from Intel and brought the Web to mobiles, freeing users from their PC’s.

    • kibbles

      PCs — plural, not possessive

      • Player_16

        Kibbles: stop doing that.

  • Just-ed

    They should’ve called it “iBrowse”…

    • Player_16

      I see what you did there.

    • Did you read the article?

  • Not sure I’d have appreciated the ostentatious feeling of that name. Long after IE was gone from the platform, the “Freedom” moniker would still hang around, shaking its fist at nobody.

  • The image of Mel Gibson shouting FREEEDOOOOM in my head every time I launched the browser would have made me switch to Windows.