Fuckweasel, boobsicles and other autocorrects

I love autocorrect.

  • hrpanjwani

    Amen. The pringles-pregnant one was so 😀

  • I almost died laughing, and I’m in public… X-D

    Makes you wonder though… after the second try, why don’t people proofread what they wrote before hitting Send?

  • This had me in stitches last night. I can only imagine what it must have been like when Jim was reading it.

  • Are any of these real?

  • JDSoCal

    I saw Skittlefart in ’08. Fuckweasel opened for them.

  • This is great. “Wawa” is actually the name of a New Jersey-based convenience store chain.

    I’m thinking of writing their main office and asking that they feature skittletits alongside their hot dogs.

  • kibbles

    on a side note, why can we still not edit our dictionaries? its been 5 years…how many times will i see a word i typed changed to “ducking” ?? gah…

  • pawhite524

    Jim, Thanks for posting this. I never would have seen it otherwise. My eyes are still teared and my sides hurt from laughing so hard.