100 greatest sports photos of all time

sipg Sports has always played a big part in the life of many of us and Sports Illustrated captured some amazing moments in the history of sport. Here are there “Top 100”. I’ve included my favorite shot here but I bet The Loop’s Publisher would choose number 21.

  • When short pants were actually short.

  • Effeteliberaldork

    McGwire and Bonds before Hank Aaron? That’s wrong. Also, I know it’s an effete liberal sport and shit, but, no soccer? No Pele, Maradona, Beckenbauer, Messi or Zidane? I thought that list was kinda sucky, sorry.

    • It’s Sports Illustrated. Their soccer coverage is very limited. They may never have taken any of the iconic soccer pictures.

      Remember – these aren’t the “100 Greatest Sports Photos Ever Taken!” It’s SI’s top 100.

      • I know it’s SI’s top 100, but they did title it “100 Greatest Sports Photos of All Time” so that does imply they they are the best ever taken. I’m sure there are probably better photos from other less popular (in the US at least) sports that could be on the list, but let’s face it, football, basketball, and baseball are the sports that sell here.

    • “McGwire and Bonds before Hank Aaron? That’s wrong.”

      The photos aren’t ranked from best to worst.

    • What about Brandi Chastain? Sure it’s SI and they just included it because a girl took off her shirt, but it was soccer.

  • Canucker

    Closer to 90 North American sports pics. I liked #67 best.

  • Too much basketball and football for me. #23 is my favorite. If I could travel back in time to see any one sporting event in history, that is the one I’d see (I probably did see it, but was far too young to remember).

  • Growing up a huge Willie Mays fan in the Bay Area I’m rather partial to #2.

    Pete Rose sure was an intense mofo. Dick Butkus too. I’d hate to have either of those guys barreling down on me.

  • JDSoCal

    “Young man, you have the question backwards.” –Bill Russell, after asked him how he would have fared against Kareem Abdul Jabbar