What Instagram did wrong

Faruk Ateş:

Furthermore, once you sell to a frequently-criticized juggernaut like Facebook, users’ expectations change from supportive to skeptic, and, especially because of Facebook’s long history of privacy-related mishaps, you may very well lose all benefit of the doubt amongst some of your users.

It’s amazing that Instagram would allow the language in the privacy policy to go through. That’s just plain stupid.

  • matthewmaurice

    This couldn’t have been an accident. Someone told a lawyer what they wanted to do, that lawyer came up with the verbiage that would allow it, and another lawyer likely reviewed it then approved it. They can come back and say things like “Legal documents are easy to misinterpret” and “it is our mistake that this language is confusing.” But the fact is that lawyers have no problem interpreting legal documents-it’s their whole point of existence, and who believes that a social network wouldn’t attempt to make their privacy-related Terms Of Service inscrutable, if they can?

    While this whole thing is indeed “just plain stupid”, it’s not unintentional. The stupidity was thinking people just go along quietly with the idea.

  • Have you read instagram’s reply to all the feedback?


  • MrPhotoEd

    “It’s amazing that Instagram would allow the language in the privacy policy to go through. That’s just plain stupid.”

    It looks like Instagram realized this and is rejiggering the language of the statement. It looks like it was a case of “we plan to do what is less sleazy and not what we wrote”.

  • Apple releases a Maps app to the world before it’s ready for the world, claiming it’s the best maps app ever. The CEO later publishes an apology – and he is praised for his strength as a leader.

    Instagram releases a ToS 30 days prior to it taking effect, allowing time for feedback from their customers. The co-founder later publishes clarifications to the ToS, thanking its users and encouraging them to give more feedback before they finalize the terms – and the entire company is just plain stupid.

  • David

    What Instagram did wrong? It tried to copy Hipstamatic but blended it with social and that blend was shitty in my view. I prefer the more superior effects of Hipstamatic and the infinitely better flickr medium. Instagram+Facebook=Turd.