Judge tosses Samsung’s jury misconduct claim

FOSS Patents:

Judge Lucy Koh, the federal judge presiding over the Apple v. Samsung litigation in the Northern District of California, just entered two important post-trial orders. Within minutes of each other, the first order denied Apple a permanent injunction against Samsung despite a multiplicity of infringement findings by a federal jury in August and the second order denied Samsung a new trial on the grounds of alleged jury misconduct (the court won’t even hold an evidentiary hearing on that issue, which most observers considered a long shot).

  • JD

    Impossible! The hot-shot internet lawyers at Groklaw said Samsung would win for sure! Doesn’t the Judge know that Apple Is Evil ™?

  • def4

    By not getting a permanent injunction, Apple has lost a big victory and Samsung has gained a very big defeat.

  • This is a huge loss for Apple and a huge win for Android.

  • Tvaddic

    These 2 aren’t disastrous for both companies.