IPHONE Android phone

Jordan Golson:

Brazilian electronics maker IGB Electronica SA has announced a new line of Android phones under the IPHONE brand, a trademark that was originally applied for in Brazil in 2000.

  • DanPierce

    Well, unlike Samsung, at least they are upfront about copying the iPhone.

    • Mother Hydra


      Waiter! A round of sarcastic martinis for my friend and I.

      • DanPierce

        I like mine extra dry.

  • Awk

  • Mother Hydra

    so this is a purely opportunistic move-

    “The filing said Gradiente had foreseen the revolution in the convergence of voice and data over the Internet at the time, before Apple Inc’s iPhone existed. In 2008, the company secured rights to the name from a local regulator of patents.”

    no word on the specs either, but it sure looks like Gingerbread. Now I want to know how stinky this thing really is.

    • JohnDoey

      The whole of Android is an opportunistic move. It’s a way to make feature phones look like iPhone, same as Windows is a way to make a generic PC look like a Mac.

  • Rodrigo Machado

    So… looks like its more like an opportunistic move – but a dumb one:


  • Now that’s just dumb!

  • Techpm

    Umm IGB Electronica SA whose market cap is $60 million or Foxconn who is investing $12 billion in Brazil to make the the iPhone and Apple products.

    Wonder who’ll come out ahead on this one.

  • It’s a trademark, which means it needs to be defended or else it becomes void. If they’re just now seeking to assert it, chances are it won’t work at all, given the mindshare of Apple’s iPhone in Brazil.

  • Techpm

    Update at The Verge:

    Update: IGB indeed sought to obtain an iphone trademark back in 2000 but met stiff resistance in its attempt to do so. Apple would later file for the iPhone brand in 2006, ahead of the first model’s launch, and was granted the trademark. Thus it appears the law is squarely in Cupertino’s favor in this instance. Whether Apple deems IGB’s new Android device to be worthy of its legal team’s attention is another matter.

  • JohnDoey

    And the circle is now complete.

  • Are there no other catchy brand names possible?

  • I’m going to start a smartphone company called “Galaxy Phones” & my first handset will be called the “Samsung”. It will look exactly like the S3. Think they’ll try to stop me?

  • mvcmendes

    Their stocks went up 7% yesterday. This was a purely opportunistic move. Everybody’s reaction yesterday was “Wow, they are still in business?”. This was the only way they could get at least a little bit of attention. They dont even hold the rights for IPHONE (or Iphone, or iphone), but actually for “G Gradiente iphone”. Their bullshit press release yesterday was so forthcoming about promotic innovation and evolution. Too bad they’re doing the exact opposite. Idiots.