iOS 6.0.2 released

According to Apple the update “fixes a bug that could impact Wi-Fi.”

Just plug your iPhone into iTunes and click “Check for Update” to get the latest version.

  • Tahan

    or go to settings on your iPhone > General > Software Update. No matter what always take the percussion of ensuring you’ve backed up recently.

    • Doesn’t iCloud automatically back up your iPhone multiple times a day…?

      • Only if you are connected to WiFi and power if I am not mistaken.

      • deviladv

        And it’s once a day.

      • DanPierce

        Not sure is back up to iCloud is the default setting. You might have to choose it.

        • deviladv

          For new phones you are basically asked if you want iCloud and if you do backup is turned on by default. When I was asked to setup iCloud on iOS 5 I think it turned on backup by default as well and switched the setting in iTunes. It doesn’t have to be the default but the choice is usually set up that you have to explicitly not chose it.

  • “Just plug your iPhone into iTunes”, good one, game me a chuckle. iPhone’s settings General section, Software Update, that’s kick-ass 🙂

  • apple’s q/a is approaching microsoft’s in ineptitude ….

    • Apple is shockingly bad at QA. Microsoft does a remarkable job considering the vast array of different computer configurations, devices and software setups they have to address in the updates.

    • Jim H

      If you are not using an iPhone 5 or an iPad mini then it is correct.

      • hey that was obvious. thanks for the pointer. i’ll take my rants home ….

  • soybeanstasher

    Why do you suggest plugging into iTunes every time an update comes out? Why would you want to update that way?

    • deviladv

      As of this very moment, I’m getting an “unable to check for update” error. I’m connected to wifi and power and I’ve tried multiple devices. I have checked that I can connect to other websites. If I turn wifi off I get the same message, and if I’m not mistaken if it were a wifi issue you’d strictly get a message to connect to wifi in order to update. It could be that OTA servers are taken off line when the update is available immediately via iTunes. Or it could be the servers just have problems at the moment and Jim is giving us a hint 🙂

      • deviladv

        And just like that… 5 minutes later… I can download.

  • vestimir

    Or just enable your WIFI and then Settings > General > Software Update – man, I hate cables.

  • tylernol

    OTA is the way to do it, but I am getting an error connecting to the OTA servers. Probably demand overload.

    • tylernol

      I am getting it now.

  • deviladv

    While I don’t recommend one over the other, the advantages to updating thru iTunes are:

    1) Immediate and automatic backup. iCloud backs up once a day. You could backup your iDevice manually from settings but that makes OTA updates less cool since you have to take two steps, both of which take time.

    2) If you have multiple devices of the same time, you only download the update once, which saves on your (evil) bandwidth cap from (evil) Comcast, for example. It also saves time in general.

    3) General nerdiness if you want to work with the update files and mess around with updates (could include jailbreaking).

  • “Software is up to date.” 6.0.1 BOOOOOO

  • Jim H

    This update is for the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5 at this time.

  • Ken

    Why don’t I get street view on my I phone anymore

  • Ahh, according to the Support page for it ( — it’s only for:

    iPhone 5

    iPad mini