Instagram responds to critics

Kevin Systrom, the co-founder of Instagram, posted his thoughts on the recent privacy policy changes and promises the company is listening.

  • Yes of course they are listening. But if they change anything? I don’t think so. Owned by Facebook, owned by the users.

  • marv08

    Well, they talk a lot of hot air, answer some completely irrelevant concerns (I am not that much concerned about image ownership from a commercial standpoint, if I take a photo that, I think, has any commercial value… I certainly do not upload it to a social platform first.

    The more telling part is that the “thoughts” do proactively avoid to make a single statement about the crux of the biscuit, as correctly pointed out by John Gruber: the selling of metadata (★).

  • John West

    Too late. Moved on.

  • When a company puts out a PR release saying that they’re listening to their critics but do nothing, they’re not listening. Nothing from Instagram besides empty rhetoric. But hey, it’s a free service—so, oh well…