Hollywood execs pick the year’s best unmade movies

BlackList The Verge:

Hollywood insider Franklin Leonard this week released his annual Black List — a collection of the year’s best unproduced screenplays. Compiled based on insights from more than 290 film executives, this year’s list includes plenty of time-bending, apocalyptic, and sci-fi scripts.

The Publisher of The Loop hates “Best of…” lists but I find this one fascinating. As the compiler of the list says, “The Black List is not a “best of ” list. It is, at best, a “most liked” list.” It will be interesting to see which of these get turned into full fledged movies.

  • I love movies and read a plethora of movie sites every day (Deadline, Hitfix, JoBlo, AinitCool…to name a few). The vast majority of movie sites don’t cover The Black List. It’s not something that is worth covering if you’re outside the industry. Why is this being covered on the Loop let alone being heralded with a large graphic (against the norm of the site)? It’s not like this site is lacking for content.

    • “Why is this being covered on the Loop…”

      Sorry, I thought I made that clear when I wrote, “I find this one fascinating.”

      “let alone being heralded with a large graphic (against the norm of the site)?”

      Do you mean unlike the large graphic found on this story:


      Or this one:


      Or…you get the idea. Most of the stories on The Loop are sans graphics. Some have small graphics. Some have large graphics…oh well…

      • To address the Lucas Scott’s point first…I didn’t mention tech in my comment. I’m aware that like many other sites with a similar design The Loop includes many things which the author(s) find fascinating.

        My point is really about the Black List itself. It really isn’t that fascinating even if you’re in the industry. The vast majority of the movies don’t get made. It’s mostly to promote the writers and the agencies.

        Considering how niche the article already was and seeing as it wasn’t posted by Jim…it did in fact seem odd that it was allocated a large graphic which illuminated nothing the headline itself didn’t already.

        In your first example Shawn the image is the joke. The second example the photo gives a distinct idea of what the game in question is exactly.

        On the main page right now there are three images associated with articles one is your example, another is an embedded trailer for a game and most recently yours…of a type writer…for a niche market list of popular unproduced screenplays.

        If the site consistently allocates this much visual space to articles that don’t have true value for the readership I think the site just becomes less enjoyable over all.

        Feel free to disagree. This is obviously just one man’s opinion.

        • lucascott

          ‘My point is really about the Black List itself. It really isn’t that fascinating even if you’re in the industry.,

          YOU don’t find the list of interest which is fine, but my reply still stands. If you aren’t interested don’t click it. Shawn found it interesting and posted about it.

          You want us to respect your right to your opinion and yet you comment about how the article and list are basically ‘pointless’ as if any other view should not have equal rights. Can’t have it both ways.

          • I didn’t use the word pointless. I don’t think my perspective is the only one that matters here.

            I think I have been respectful of both commenters viewpoints while still clearly expressing my own dissenting view point.

            Did you love reading about the Black List, Lucas?

            Is this the content about popular unproduced screenplays you’d like to see more of on The Loop? Are photos adding to your enjoyment of this content?

            If so…cool! Happy for you. I’ll admit I may be in the minority on this one. I read everything about the Black List earlier this week. I’m an aspiring screenwriter. Why wouldn’t I read that? I read all about the Golden Globes too! Despite the fact that they are meaningless and mostly a wank. That’s what the Black List is too.

    • lucascott

      Spend a little time on the Loop and you’ll come to understand that it is less a tech etc site and more ‘whatever we find amusing or interesting’ which is why they talk about guitars, beards etc.

      That said, no one made you click the link so if you aren’t interested, don’t.

      • “which is why they talk about guitars, beards etc.”

        Just to be clear – only the crazy person who runs The Loop ever talks about that stuff. The rest of us just humor him….