YouTube Capture for iPhone

Film and share videos with YouTube Capture.

Great looking app from Google.

  • Funny how it is “iOS” only for now. Didn’t Eric Schmidt say that developers would be developing for Android first? I guess he forgot to tell that to his employees.

  • marv08

    Yep, description and screenshots look fine.

    But I will stay away from it. I already had some concerns about Google’s own maps app (and its quite annoying attempts to make you sign in to a Google account). Now, this one will also be able to draw a line between your Google account, Facebook and Twitter accounts…

    Schmidt’s creepy statements about Google knowing everything about you become more and more realistic. I prefer to pay for an app…

    • Good reminder of Google’s business model. It’s interesting to see them finally get a handle on what makes a good UI while they compete with paid apps.

      • And as they compete with stock iOS apps. The new Google Maps app was downloaded 10 million times in less than 48 hours after it was released. Just hours after its release it became the top free app in the App Store.

        Seems it took google less time to get good at designing iOS-grade apps than it has for Apple to catch up with google on providing data-based services, since apple haven’t even come close to matching google there yet.

        • Fair point. Too bad that, for all of Google’s vaunted market share, it seems they value iOS users highly, Apple’s shortcomings notwithstanding.

          • It really does seem like Google and Android are two separate companies sometimes.

          • I believe it. I wonder if that’ll work out better for them than it did for Sony.