Self doubt

Matt Alexander:

If you’re working to build a business, an identity, a brand, a weblog, a Twitter following, a podcast, a publication, or even a friendship, doubt and impatience are fundamental elements of the human experience which need not be paved over with excuses and escapism. Do not allow yourself to succumb to fear of your feelings, but rather use them to your advantage.

  • “[We], somewhat bafflingly, decry those who we disagree with.

    In these walled gardens, we lack awareness and accountability, our opinions seemingly validated by an audience of like-minded and non-contentious people. We confidently nitpick at matters we know little about for the sake of short-lived praise and plaudits, laugh at the failures of companies we don’t buy from, and decry similar design tendencies, but do little in the way of contribution.

    We’ve collectively reached a point of such self-congratulation and misguided confidence that the fog of contextual inaccuracy has become borderline impenetrable.”

    • Daniel Swanson

      Walled gardens, self doubt, yap, yap, yap.

      That’s introversion. Useless. Stultifying.

      Try extroversion. Look out, outwards! Make space! Make new space! Move in it! Do things in it!

      That’s useful. Invigorating.