‘Morning Star’ iOS shooter has Bungie pedigree

Mobile games developer Industrial Toys has taken the wraps off its first game in development, a new shooter called Morning Star. The game is scheduled for release in Spring 2013, for iOS devices.

Why should you care? It comes down to the game’s pedigree: Industrial Toys is a game development studio created earlier this year by Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian, Seven Lights (“The Continuum”) co-founder Tim Harris, and Brent Pease, the guy behind Bungie’s anime-inspired third person action game “Oni.”

“Our totally unreasonable goal is to completely change the expectations core gamers have for their mobile games,” wrote Harris on the Industrial Toys blog.

  • adrianoconnor

    Um. I don’t really play these games (not since original Quake, at least), but to me that just looked like every other spacey-themed-shooter out there. Any reason it’s supposed to be special?

    • Mother Hydra

      To be clear: there is nothing special about this other than the fact that it looks pretty, has some graphics oomph and shares a pedigree with a one-time mac game dev. You could possibly say it narrows the gap a wee bit more with regard to gaming on something like an iPad versus the traditional PC or (more likely) Vita, 3DS. However, I never understood the draw of Halo. It stood in the shadow of superior experiences such as the Half-Life series. I think, more importantly, this is still a genre of game best experienced on a high power PC or Mac. The day will come when something non-tactile replaces the keyboard mouse combo but that day isn’t today and it certainly won’t be this game. It certainly wasn’t the console controller as much as native experiences on PS3 and 360 tried to convince us. Uninspired save the galaxy crappola.

      man, am I a grump. get off my lawn!

      • Bungie consistently produced great games for the Mac back in the day before they were bought by Microsoft.

        Remember Halo was to be a Mac exclusive.

        If this is produced by the originators of Bungie there is a great chance that it will contain quite a bit of thought and some interesting puzzles.

        • Mother Hydra

          I really don’t enjoy when people trot out the stuffed horse of “Halo was going to be Mac exclusive.” Well, it wasn’t. And the experience was fairly shallow. The days of Marathon are long gone, let it go brah.

          • Yawn. Haven’t you got anything more interesting to do on a Monday morning than just snipe from the cheap seats? We get it – you don’t like shoot em ups. You’ve made your point.

          • Mother Hydra

            But, but! the cheap seats have beer! and to be clear, I DO like shoot em ups as you so kindly put it. I’ll reference an earlier comment here where I extol the virtues of half-life. But don’t let that get in the way of your thoughts eh?

          • never letting marathon go

        • Peter Cohen

          “Remember Halo was to be a Mac exclusive.”

          No it wasn’t. Halo was planned from the start for Mac and Windows.

          “Bungie consistently produced great games for the Mac back in the day before they were bought by Microsoft.”

          Just to be clear, Bungie had entertained numerous acquisition offers prior to Microsoft’s. It was only a matter of time before someone acquired them, and Microsoft gave Bungie the ability to build a billion-dollar franchise, old Mac gamers’ sour grapes notwithstanding.

          Bottom line: Get over it.

    • Peter Cohen

      “Any reason it’s supposed to be special?”

      Second paragraph, first and second sentences.

  • Andrew

    Anyone that doesn’t think that these games are going to come under fire along with gun control is fooling themselves. Prob not the best week to be making a FPS game announcement.

    • Peter Cohen

      If you check the date on the blog, the announcement was made mid-week last week.

      • Andrew

        Fair point. This post was made today. Press sometimes gets delayed. Personally, I’m not offended. Just taking the opportunity to point out that all of these extremely violent FPS games are going to have their moment in the spotlight.

    • A month from now you’l have forgotten about it, and six months from now you won’t be able to remember the school’s name, just like other than Columbine you can’t name the many other schools in which there have been shootings.

  • tylernol

    looks great. I love Halo, it is in good hands with 343, and I am looking forward to seeing how this game turns out.

  • tylernol

    actually…the big question I have about this game is , is the apparent in-game footage from the end of the teaser rendered footage, or is that what the game really looks like on an iPad 4?