BBC on why Android sucks

BBC talking about building iPlayer for iOS and Android:

If you look at the amount of energy we spend on Apple, it pales in comparison to what we spend on Android.


Believe it or not, we started work on the iPlayer radio app for Android on the same day as the one for the iPhone, but we’re still resolving a number of issues […] That worked out of the box on Apple, but not on Android.

[Via Sam Radford]

  • KvH

    They’ll make it up in volume by supporting every android handset around!

  • Silvio Berlusconi

    They should wrap up the Android crap and do whatever they need to do to get iPlayer on the Apple TV.

    • d.r

      Cable TV has threatened BBC of kicking out BBC America if BBC brings iPlayer to America.

      • Silvio Berlusconi

        I don’t care about America. I want iPlayer on Apple TV in Britain.

    • Scruff0

      Same here in Australia with the ABC and SBS – they both have catch up services via the web, I wish Apple would make apps for the AppleTV for both. At the moment on my AppleTV I have apps for NFL, NRL, MLB, WSJ and others – all American and irrelevant to Aussie audiences. Put on some local content AppleAU!

  • Not that I give a crap about Android, but in the interest of fairness he did go on to say this:

    “And there are big advantages to the Android platform. Whenever we want to launch something new we just do it, without waiting for approval. And then there is multi-tasking, which you can’t do on Apple. Once we solve the basics, there are a lot of things about the platform that will be extremely powerful.”

    So it’ll be good someday!

  • David Android Slop

    Android sucks because I just zipped files and chose the name of another zip file because I thought it would add my newest files to the existing. Nope. Android wiped out my existing zip without an overwrite warning or duplicate file name error.