Unusual baby names of 2012


Of all the factors that parents consider in picking a name for their child, one floats consistently to the top: Picking a unique name.

As you can see from the list, some parents did a bang-up job. Each of the unusual names was given to at least two children – so it’s not a fluke!

Americus, Navaryous, Couture, Shoog, Cobain, Popeye…I think we can we agree that, in 2013, if you give your child any of these names, you immediately forfeit that kid to Child Protective Services because you are obviously an unfit parent.

  • Guest

    Yes we can all aree 🙂

  • Oldbean

    Reminds me of an old Frank Zappa story (sadly, they’re all old Zappa stories now). One of his kids, I think Dweezil, was legally named something like “George Chester Napoleon Underwood” because the nurse at the hospital absolutely refused to put “Dweezil” on the birth certificate and Frank, with his wife in labor, had to think on his feet and just threw out a bunch of names of people in his band at the time. They simply went on calling him Dweezil of course, and when he was old enough to understand the situation, he demanded that his name be legally changed to Dweezil.

    So there you have it. Give a kid a weird name and they’ll grow to treasure it.

  • pawhite524

    When the parents themselves are children, either emotionally or chronologically, it’s easy to understand how this could happen.

    Thankfully, this is a distinct minority of young people and this story fits under the “Man bites dog…” category.

  • Cam

    I’ve seen a Cviiitlyn, as in Caitlyn (with roman numerals for 8). Kill me now!

  • Leeloo and Vanille? It seems we have some The Fifth Element and Final Fantasy XIII fans. Not to mention a lot of other names that were obviously inspired by fictional characters hailing from the James Bond series to the X-Men universe.

  • clark247

    You missed to mention the great boy names like ESPN and Google on the list. And the reason why Siri is not on the list because it is not unusual anymore?