Merlin Mann knows how to eat.

  • Sorry…that’s not an “Irish Breakfast”. Traditionally, the most common ingredients are bacon rashers, sausages, fried eggs, white pudding, black pudding, toast and fried tomato.

  • Yep, puddings are missing, toast and beans in tomatosauce… Guess what I’m going to eat now in the country where its from 😉

  • Daniel Swanson

    Jeezuz, man! My heart attack left breakfasts like those far behind!

    For 62 years I’d been thankful to our animal friends for such tasty protein. And after my ticker raised a hand in protest, I realized how small those coronary arteries are, and how relatively little it takes to block them off—and how MUCH it costs to UNblock them, IF you’re lucky enough to be close enough to a hospital when it happens to gitter done, which I was!

    And it’s not just the meats! Those spuds have a very high glycemic index. LOTSA calories there, folks! Big strain on the system overall!