Workflows for secure passwords

Marcelo Somers has a nice write-up on using 1Password. The only nitpick I have is that I would recommend everyone use 1Password — it may be difficult to get used to not using the same simple password for every site, but you’ll be far more secure.

  • 1password4 is a piece of crap. thanks for the recommendation. i’m trying to get my money refunded.

    • kibbles

      thanks for the insightful analysis.

      it actually looks interesting to me. password generation, browser-extensions for multiple auto-fill profiles, access to passwords from public PCs via dropbox, digital vault for non-password data…sounds good.

    • Stephen

      I’d imagine you didn’t give it much of a try, then.

    • Vamsmack

      Wow. 1Password is a killer app. It’s the first application installed on any of my devices, although given your comments there’s probably not much anyone can do here to convince you otherwise.

      I give you comment 1 star. Useless.

      • Exactly. It was the first application I bought for my Mac and one I immediately bought for iOS when it was first released.

  • Apm

    Any cheaper alternative?

  • KvH

    LastPass is a free alternative. I prefer 1Password, it has more of a mac feel to it. I also found it easier to use on iOS than LastPass, although I’ve not looked at it in a year or so.

  • Stephen

    Some good info in his post — I have become so dependent on 1Password that I hadn’t thought about what I’d do if I lost access to it!

    I used 1Password very much like he did — in other words, I didn’t use it correctly for the first year or so, either! It does take a tiny bit of work when you’re using it on your iPhone, but the effort required is worth the security boost.