Irish government dropping support for BlackBerry, buying iPads

Does anyone else see a trend here?

  • SV650

    Android is winning?!?

  • lucascott

    Well RIM is the Ghost of Christmas Past.

    • rattyuk


  • RickR

    Yea, here’s a few from around the web the past few months:

    • Texas legislature dumps laptops for Apple iPads, saves taxpayers‚ money

    • Commonwealth Bank upgrades Sydney employees; dumps Dell PCs for Apple‚ 11-inch MacBook Airs

    • Pentagon buying iPhones

    • U.S. ATF dumps beleaguered RIM‚ BlackBerrys in favor of Apple iPhones

    • NOAA dumps beleaguered RIM‚ BlackBerry, embraces Apple iPhone and iPad

    • Halliburton dumps beleaguered RIM BlackBerry devices for Apple iPhones

    • Clorox dumps BlackBerry, lets employees choose: 92% of staff chose Apple iPhone

    • U.S. Immigration and Customs (ICE) dropping RIM BlackBerry and purchasing 17,000 Apple iPhones

    • U.S. NTSB dumps beleaguered RIM BlackBerry over reliability issues, switches to Apple iPhone 5

    • Qantas, IBM Australia dump beleaguered RIM‚ BlackBerrys, upgrade to Apple iPhones

    • Marissa Mayer Just Gave Every Yahoo Employee An iPhone 5 …

    • Woolworths dumps beleaguered RIM‚ Blackberry for Apple iPhone 5

    • Howard Stern dumps Android for iPhone; now 100% Apple and loving it

    • Barclays orders 8,500 iPads for massive corporate rollout

    • 92% of the Fortune 500 companies are testing or deploying iPad