Design Details of Google Maps for iOS

Sacha Greif looks at Google Maps for iOS from a design perspective. He’s right that Google is finding its voice as far as design goes.

  • After just a few hours, Greif was able to offer a more detailed analysis of the new Google Maps app than a certain other blogger could in a day. It’s amazing what a person can bring to the table when they don’t already have their mind made up.

    I had a chance to really use Google Maps today and the experience was great. Having turn by turn directions on my iPhone 4 was a welcome addition to begin with, as was Google’s amazing ability to offer suggestions for locations as you type – not just street addresses, but actual physical places, be it a golf course or a crusty alley way bar. Apple’s Maps app was awful for this.

    The app is super easy and intuitive to navigate, and it’s very easy on the eyes.

    I like it a lot already and am looking forward to getting to know it more.

    • Buckeyestar

      Sounds like somebody made their mind up after only one day too.

      • How so? Because I have good things to say about it and plan on continuing to evaluate it?

        Compare that to Jim’s post, or even just the title “I’m sticking with Apple Maps”.

        Notice any difference?

  • Thanks for linking to my post! I’m a fan of The Loop so I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  • lucascott

    After a couple of days of trying out Google Maps new app I’m not particularly impressed. It’s fine, but it doesn’t blow me away re the UI. But the lack of contact integration killed it for me. When they add that I might give it another look.