Bringing back relevant search in iTunes 11

Rod Christiansen posted about how the default search now works in iTunes 11 and how you can bring back the old version of the search. Such a simple solution.

  • Boo

    Thanks for the link Jim. Very handy.

    My only gripe with iTunes so far is in downloading individual podcasts on the iTunes store search. Before you could do a search for a specific word or name and it would show relevant podcast episodes in a list and a download button in the results. It now shows the episodes but clicking on it brings up the entire list of episodes for the podcast and it can be a pain to find it in the list manually. Otherwise I love it.

  • bjhomer

    Or, you can just hit “enter” after typing, and it will filter the current view. The default selection in the new search drop-down is “Show ” in Music”. If you hit enter while that is selected (which is the default), it will do exactly what the old iTunes used to do.

    • bjhomer

      er, that should be “Show ‘[current search text]’ in Music”. Silly HTML escaping.