Apple unveils the App Store Best of 2012

If you were wondering what the best apps, books or songs were for 2012 on the App Store, you’ll be glad to see Apple’s App Store Best of 2012.

The Best of 2012 is split into a number of categories including Movies, TV Shows, App Store, Books and Podcasts. The App Store category is further split into iPhone and iPad apps.

It’s quite a comprehensive list, so head on over and check out what made the list.

  • iPadCary

    “The Room” as GOTY?!?

    C’mon …,

  • Strange that Snapseed didn’t make their list for photo apps but iPhoto did.


      ya it’s a conspiracy to malign google.

      • What’s strange is that a person can’t make a simple comment without some oversensitive Apple zealot accusing them of conspiracy theories.

        I just think it’s weird that one of the best and most highly praised photo editing apps of the year – pretty sure Gruber even gave it a shout out the other day – wouldn’t make the list, while Apple’s own photo editing app, that people either like or hate, did.

        That, to me, is strange.

    • I believe since Snapseed was App of the Year for 2011, it wasn’t eligible in 2012 (not positive about that, but I don’t think Apple has named repeat winners).

  • What has happened to Infinity Blade Dungeons? Way too late for their promised deadline.