1Password 4

I’ve been testing out the new version for the past couple of weeks on my iPhone and it’s great. 1Password has become one of my favorite apps.

  • adrianoconnor

    I finally added all of my login detailed to 1Password a few weeks ago (and gave them all nice new, secure passwords), 2Password 4 for iOS is pretty good. I especially like the wi-fi sync with the Mac app.

    • EVula

      Obviously do whatever works best for your workflow, but syncing via Dropbox has been far superior, in my experience. I usually only fire up the iPhone app when I’m away from home, so I have to just wait a few seconds for things to sync.

      Plus, with your database on Dropbox, not only can you easily sync across multiple machines, but you can also access the file thru the website to get your logins wherever you are (the database file works as its own self-contained website).

  • imthedude

    Been using it for ages, and honestly I’d be lost without it. I’m definitely going to pickup the iPhone app while it’s on sale.

  • Devin

    Does this mean those of us who downloaded 1password pro have to buy 1password again?

    • imthedude

      No, it means you can continue to use 1Password Pro, just as you did yesterday. If you want the new look and whatever features, you’d need to pay $7.99. That’s how the software industry works, there aren’t free updates forever.

      • Devin

        But unlike, say, an update of normal computer software, my version of 1password will never be updated, even if it can’t run on the next version of iOS. At least with pc software that does paid upgrades, such as CS or Office, the software companies will still fix bugs and patch security holes. Here they are just saying we’re on our own no matter what happens.

        So essentially I am being forced into the next version. This is a frustration I have more with Apple more than the developers, b/c I am all in favor of paid upgrades but not the way they have to be handled on iOS.

        • imthedude

          Companies stop updating products. I don’t expect updates for Photoshop 9 anymore, but hey it still works on my computer.

          Sorry, but you’re not being forced into anything.

    • jemmons

      Most of your misgivings are addressed in the FAQ: http://learn.agilebits.com/1Password4/iOS/transition.html

      Yes, they will refund recent 1Password purchases. Also, 1Password 3 will continue to be supported.

  • I really like 1Password but I think I may skip paying for yet another version of it. As good as the software is, I think it is massively overpriced. Especially when it looks like all they added was a slightly different interface and some categories which I don’t find a compelling reason to upgrade at all. I think paying hundreds of dollars if you want to sync across all devices and have been a customer for a few years is a bit too much when there are so many cheaper or free alternatives out there.

    • imthedude

      Did they massively overcharge you or what? For $7.99 I’m getting a universal iOS app. (I had bought the original 1pass for iPhone for $3) Where does hundreds of dollars come into play? If you mean the desktop app, I think I paid $20 for that, and as of now it syncs fine and doesn’t itself need to be updated to match.

      Devs need to make money, to continue supporting the project. I’m not sure why people get angry when new versions come out. If you’re sour you couldn’t get an update for less money, blame apple’s no upgrade pricing instead.

      • I’m not saying I’m angry, I’m just saying I don’t think it’s worth it to pay another $8 for this upgrade when I already have a iOS app that syncs my passwords. I don’t have a use for the categories, I just use the search or alphabetical listing. I don’t need a new interface just for the sake of having a new interface.

        The desktop versions are $50 each, or $70 for Mac/Windows. Except when I first bought it they didn’t have the Windows version so I’d have to pay another $50 for that version, which I just can’t stomach doing, so my passwords don’t sync on Windows unfortunately. Then you have the iOS apps on top of that, and another fee if you happen to use Android as well. Then if you have used the desktop software for a while, they don’t have very cheap upgrade prices for that either, so that’s another $30 or $40 just for one version (Mac/Windows) or more for upgrading both.

        I realize of course that they have to make money, but there are plenty of developers making money by giving customers a Mac/Windows license for the same price, and providing much more substantial upgrades to their iOS apps for free, rather than making people purchase a whole other version of the app.

        They can charge whatever people will pay for it, I’m just saying I think it’s gotten to the point for me personally that value I get from the software is not worth the price they want for it. I’ll stick with my current versions as long as they work and if they ever stop supporting them I guess I’ll look elsewhere.

        • Just so you know, you can purchase a Windows copy at a discount at a later date. For instance, I bought a Mac copy when version 3 was released (having gotten hooked on version 2 which was included in the MacHeist Giving Tree of 2009), then purchased a Windows copy this year. I was able to get it for around $30, which, while not cheap, was worth it for me for the syncing it offered across devices.

          • That’s good, still as you say, a lot of money. There are very few other apps that cost that much even for a full copy, let alone an upgrade. Heck even a whole operating system is less than the upgrade cost for this software. I just don’t see why they charge so much more than everyone else.

  • so far i’m underwhelmed: tried to sync from my v3 data and it failed. doesn’t appear to be any way to retry, either. stoopid canooks …. (full disclosure: i have a canook passport, eh?)

  • The idea is great, and the introductory* price of $8 for a Universal App is fantastic.

    I don’t get the $50 price point for the desktop App though. Reading through their docs, it’s basically just an interface that copied the functionality of keychain and uses AES 128-bit encryption. You could basically just create a file with all your information, encrypt it with openssl specifying AES through the CLI and you have the same thing sans the pretty interface.

    • CAugustin

      You can share all your passwords – and much, much more (e.g. secure notes) – with all your devices (Mac, PC, iOS and where else 1Pw is running) over Dropbox. And a nice Safari add-in. Without hacking and doing crazy stuff. Just for (nearly) normal people. Nothing the keychain could ever do. It’s worth every cent.

  • K.A

    I am in the same position as Derek; and, I am not happy having to pay again for an update. I never had to buy other IOS apps more than once. I am not sure I can trust this company that they wont ask me to pay again. I will look for another app. If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know.