Squarespace Note

Squarespace Note helps anyone record their ideas on the fly. Writers, bloggers, and others can use the app to record inspiration and ideas as they happen; notes can be sent via e-mail, or synced with a range of popular services including Squarespace, Evernote, Dropbox, and more.

Until yesterday I thought this app was just another way to interact with the Squarespace Web site, but it’s more than that. It can be used as a notes app. Oh, and if you shake the iPhone when the app is active, it changes from day to night mode.

  • http://about.me/nicolasmagand Nicolas Magand

    One of my favourite iOS app. Dare I say perfect?

  • http://alexandersmith.co/ Benjamin Alexander

    Squarespace is helping turn the web into a sustainable platform. Its about time.

    We’re drowning in noise.

  • http://www.seodenver.com Zack Katz

    The shake feature is all wrong – shaking the phone should mean “undo”; it’s a platform standard.

  • Carmen

    But how to you edit a note??? I like the interface, but I like adding things to notes… And all the notes it sends to Evernote have the same title which is confusing. They could add the date at least? Or create a Squarespace notes notebook? It looks awesome and then you use it and find little annoyances that are easy to fix, whereas making such a beautiful versatile app is not easy. And that’s why it’s such a shame and so annoying. Or maybe I just got frustrated quickly and didn’t devote enough time to it…

    • http://about.me/jackson.wong Jackson Wong

      Yep, allowing title for sending to evernote will be great

  • andy

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  • andy