Eric Schmidt says Android is clear winner with iOS

Matthew Handrahan for

Google chairman Eric Schmidt believes Android is now emerging as a clear winner in mobile, racing past Apple’s iOS in a manner similar to Microsoft in the desktop software market in the Nineties.

In related news, Donald Trump thinks that Trump Steaks are the best-tasting steaks in the world and Jim Koch thinks Samuel Adams beer is the best beer.

  • justin_horn

    Not sure comparing yourself to MS is a good idea.

  • Eric Sausse

    There’s a winner when the party’s over. We’re not there yet.

  • This is every bit as true as GoogleTV being on the majority of TVs by mid-summer of this year. Congrats on your TV win, Google! And congrats on your mobile win, too!

  • If you’re counting installs, sure. If you’re counting dollars flowing to Google… yeah, not so much really.

  • Eric Stephenson

    The funny thing is Google is fighting a different war than Apple. Google is going for market share with a free OS they give away in order to sell ads. Apple is interested in selling hardware at a profit. It’s possible that they can each “win” their war.

    • Problem is that in China, they aren’t getting a cent.

      Congratulations Google, you’ve successfully supplanted Symbian, except unlike Nokia, most of the places you’re getting your numbers from aren’t earning you anything either on the purchase price or ongoing ads.

      • Tvaddic

        Well I usually don’t take the word of an anonymous user on the Internet, but since you say Google isn’t making money on ads, I believe you.

        • I said in China. If there are no Google Services on China phones then there is no income stream.

          • Tvaddic

            You may have used some extreme hyperbole, but you said “most places,” not just China. And the Google services direct to the Hong Kong version.

        • kibbles

          google this: “google android revenue”.

          see the guardian story: “Data provided in response to Oracle claim suggests Google gets more revenue from iPhone use than from Android ads and apps”


        • kibbles
  • hrpanjwani

    thats like the coach of one team saying my team won the match against the other team, who needs an referee?

  • cls

    …and in other related news…every CEO/Founder/Owner thinks their product is the best, including Apple’s – its a fact that Android is on more devices than iOS, so Mr. Schmidt has a foundation for saying Android is winning, when it comes to market share. That may change and it maybe iOS eventually overtakes it – but at the end of the day, this kind of seems like false outrage over something kind of obvious…

  • Doctorossi

    I wish these outlets would report accurately. “Google chairman Eric Schmidt SAYS HE believes Android is now emerging as the clear winner in mobile…” I don’t think there’s any evidence that he actually does believe it.

    • hrpanjwani


  • And Steve Ballmer believes Windows 8 is the best operating system ever.

    Android is the new Symbian. Congratulations, Eric.

  • .. more like how Toyota is the clear winner in cars.

  • tylernol

    Here is my favorite SAT analogy: android:google :: java:sun

    coincidence that Eric Schmidt is presiding over another platform that makes the parent company no money? Nope. He is just that delusional.

    great article here about Android and China:

    Google only makes money off Android if people keep using the Google services. And that is not turning out to be true, especially with Amazon, and with the vendors in China.

    • Tvaddic

      It makes them no direct money, and Android gets people to use even more Google services.

      • Problem is that they had that market with the high-spending iPhone users. They are being excised from the Google ecosystem so that’s not going to help much.

      • tylernol

        not in the case of Amazon’s Fire/Android fork, where Google services are ripped out, and not in the case of China, where the Chinese vendors are running a forked Android with Baidu services. Read “In the Plex”, it has a good chapter on Google’s defeat and withdrawal from China.

  • Canucker

    Schmidt is implying that a repeat of the wonderful years of barren Windows hegemony would be a good thing. No thank you Eric.

  • pawhite524

    Where did Eric go to clown school? I recommend his diploma (if he actually got one) be rescinded. IMHO, he might be the worst clown ever…