“Automatic Repair couldn’t repair your PC”

The Loop reader Craig Storm sent these images. Two different stores, two different days, two different devices, same result.

Windows 8 Tablet

Windows 8 Laptop

  • Nick

    I got it yesterday after it removed a virus. Unfortunately it was a system component that it removed.

    • JohnDoey

      That is not practical, especially when people have 2 or 3 or more computing devices. How can you have Windows in your phone, tablet, PC, TV, and it gets viruses and fails?

      I have an original iPad here that I got the first month they were available, and it has been on Wi-Fi and 3G 24/7 the whole time. It is never turned off, it is never offline. No viruses. No downtime except for a half hour to upgrade the operating system every year.

      That is a PC made out of iPod parts, from the crazy hippie California computer designers. That is available from $329 now, with faster everything than the one I have.

      So how could I ever buy a tablet for twice that much that doesn’t even have 3G/4G and can’t even make it out of the store without going blue screen?

      When you further consider that even though Apple stuff is the most reliable, it is Apple who created the Genius Bar — it is like only Apple is trying.

      And if you need Windows on your tablet, you already have an iPad with Go To My PC. It’s only a billion times better than the Windows tablets, even if you have to buy a $300 PC and leave it at home specifically to get at it from your $329 iPad, it is still cheaper than a Windows tablet.

      And the funny thing is, we have kind of moved out of the time when everybody was buying their own iPad, and now businesses have come in and are buying iPads a thousand at a time because they don’t require much training and they immediately save or make money. But 1000 Windows tablets that can get viruses? That is like signing up to be punched in the face by an I-T guy every morning for the next 2 years.

  • JB

    Got the same. Had to wipe and start over

  • It’s crazy that they’re charging more for a windows tablet than they are for a windows laptop. Even the most tricked out iPad still isn’t close to the cost of a base model MacBook.

    That must be one shitty laptop. And one overpriced tablet.

    • JohnDoey

      You’re right on both counts. Shitty laptop and overpriced tablet. The laptop is shitty because it is just an imitation Mac made out of cardboard and bad software, and the tablet is overpriced because they have no economies of scale in that class of hardware.

  • Clearly this is a preview of what Microsoft’s next version is going to look like. They call it “Microsoft Blue”.

  • At least BSODs are getting better typography these days.

  • Costa K

    As someone who lives in both camps I am amazed by Start Up Repair. Every time I’ve had to run it, it has always, and I mean always, concluded “Start up repair could not repair start up”. And this is not limited to one machine but three. As such, I refuse to run it ever again. Instead I choose “Start Windows normally” and what do you know, Windows starts normally.

    What is it with that company?

  • How much do they charge for a windows tablet? RightClickComps.com