Australian police now warn about Google Maps

Now police in Colac, west of Melbourne, say faults with Google maps are putting people’s lives at risk along the Great Ocean Road and in the southern Otways.

So it’s not just Apple after all.

  • DanPierce

    I see the real problem here: Australia is one giant death trap.

    • MacsenMcBain

      It certainly seems that way. Sharks, dingoes, poisonous jellyfish, Vegemite- amazing what the folks there have to deal with.

    • pawhite524

      Kudos! Still smiling over your take on Australia. My after thought was, “Or it just can’t be mapped…” To me, your riposte is funnier. Cheers!

    • “Siri, show me the way to ‘death’.”

      “There are 421,091 instances of death nearby, some very close to you.”

  • This isn’t surprising. But I would no more say that this isn’t Google’s fault for not having a chance to fix their data yet than I would say the previous blunder wasn’t Apple’s fault for not having the chance to fix their data yet, either.

    If you print a menu and it says the Salmon is baked but you serve it fried – and you don’t even have an oven to begin with – you are at fault for not changing the menu.

  • GeordieGuy

    Yes it is. Apple’s product is awful, pervasively awful. The CEO issued a personal public apology, the head of the team responsible for the product was fired, there are online galleries demonstrating the tonnes of glaring errors in iOS maps for people’s amusement.

    Every time a flaw is identified in an Apple product a similar-but-not-really-a-deal flaw is identified in a competitor’s product by someone a bit hurt and offended that someone doesn’t like the Apple product, that’s all this is on this occasion – someone pointing out that there are errors in another mapping product. It remains that iOS maps doesn’t just have errors like all mapping products do, it has heaps of them, and they are terrible, and it’s a massive deal.

    • Steven Fisher

      Out of Google Maps and Apple Maps, only one even knows which city I lived in last year. The other is off by an entire regional district.

      The right one is not Google Maps.

      (The problem is not just the city/regional district. It finds the address on the wrong road, too.)

      I’m not blaming Google. Maps errors are really, really common. It really is no big deal. My TomTom has made me tap through a warning that the maps may be inaccurate, and that I should follow the road laws and signage for years. I always thought it was a stupid warning: Don’t people already know that a GPS can’t override the physical nature of the world or the law?

      Apparently they don’t.

      Where’s your scepticism and personal responsibility, people?

    • Google Maps has sent me to the wrong places before. That is the entire complaint with Apple Maps.

    • Pervasively in your personal experience, or just within the anecdotes you choose to cite?

      • GeordieGuy

        Are you kidding?

        The CEO of Apple personally apologised for how bad it sucks, amid a hailstorm of negative news media, and fired the executive who headed the product team. The Internet is awash with memes, jokes and example galleries of just how bad it is. I’m sorry if it gives you feelings, but the product demonstrates uniquely appalling quality and it has precisely nothing to do with me.

        • If only more consumer-tech company CEOs took responsibility for and actually apologized for their many respective failures, you might have a basis of comparison to Cook’s housecleaning.

          The Internet is indeed awash with memes, repeated by lots of people with more feelings than data. Your adjectives are as purple as your feelings.

          • GeordieGuy

            So let’s recap. You accused me of positioning personal opinion as objective fact, when I pointed out that accusation was nonsense evidenced by someone in a position of total accountability for the failure I was talking about apologising for it, you post a non sequitur about how good it is that such responsibility was shown.

            Then you revert to pretending there’s no authoritative evidence for the failure by alluding to how memes and jokes are pervasive on the Internet and are driven by what people find amusing rather than factual evidence of failures.

            You’re a bad person.

          • You’re a sophist.

        • GeordieGit

          Hahahahahaha! Memes != fact.

        • Does that mean he’s wrong? Or that he’s the only one who did the right thing when his product had flaws?

    • Apple’s product is awful, pervasively awful.


    • “Every time a flaw is identified in an Apple product a similar-but-not-really-a-deal flaw is identified in a competitor’s product by someone a bit hurt and offended that someone doesn’t like the Apple product,…”

      Yes, i’m pretty sure the police in Colac are just bitter Apple fanboys, and are now gleaming with satisfaction that they found an error in Google Maps too. Took some of the flare away from those Mildura cops hein?

      Stop being short sited and pardon the insult, plain ignorant! How can you even say “Yes, it is JUST Apple’s fault!, when an example is being given from a different application other than Apple Maps. Is your love for all things Google so great that you can’t even acknowledge that it too has flaws?

      There are mistakes like these everyday from GPS car systems, people who drove into lakes because the car’s GPS told them too. Way before google or apple maps existed.

      So stop being apologetic about the company which tikles you funny in the pants and just acknowledge that:

      1. Yes. Apple Maps directed people to the wrong place putting them in danger.

      2. Yes. Google Maps directed people to the wrong place putting them in danger.

      3. That’s it. No need for the “Apple’s CEO apologized crap”. At least they admitted to having flaws. Contrary to your beliefs, that is a good thing. No company is perfect.