2013: ‘Year of mobile malware’ for Android

The firm notes that the number of Android devices infected with malware increased by 41% in the second half of 2012 with individual malware reports increased 75%. In fact, 94.35% of unique malware samples in 2012 were found to be Android trojans.

And it’s going to get worse? Yeah, Android is definitely winning.

  • FYI: The company behind these terrifying statistics sells Android security software. Jim didn’t mention that, but he would have done would this have been a report about security of OS X or iOS.

    • quietstorms

      There’s been numerous stories about this for the past two years and by companies who don’t offer security solutions.

    • Player_16

      Most people that know Apple (luv/hate) knows that writing about security on OS X or iOS is moot. Count on one-hand.

  • I guess writing “The number of malware infected Android devices found increased from 5,000 to 14,000” didn’t sound scary enough?