Technology is imperfect and people are idiots

Jason Cartwright from Australian site TechAU on people using Apple Maps.

  • Maarten

    Make sure you read the comments over there.

  • His post is entirely predicated on the notion that people use technology in lieu of common sense. The post is riddled with grammatical mistakes, and when one such mistake was pointed out to him in the comments he blamed the technology he used to write his post in. That’s rich.

    • EzraWard

      While I definitely don’t, I know more than a few people that do use technology, especially GPS, in lieu of their common sense. Some folks trust it implicitly, and that is definitely not a good thing.

    • “His post is entirely predicated on the notion that people use technology in lieu of common sense”

      nope. never happens:

      “Three young women escaped a sinking SUV after a direction from a rental car GPS unit sent them down a boat launch and into the Mercer Slough early Wednesday.

      “I don’t know why they wouldn’t question driving into a puddle that doesn’t seem to end,” Keenan said.

      “They were trying to re-route their path and found this boat launch near the entrance to I-90 in South Bellevue and just kept driving into the water,” Keenan said.

      • I didn’t say it never happens. I said the author was a hypocrite.

        • The way I understand his comments is that he is blaming his choice of technology rather than blaming his gramma mistake on technology. It’s one thing to scream “damn you autocorrect!” and another to say “I should have used X that have feature Y”.

          • He put his faith in that technology, just like he’s arguing the Maps victim put their faith in Apple’s tech, without using common sense to make sure that, beyond what the tech is telling him, everything is on the up and up.

            He didn’t use common sense. He’s as much of an idiot as he calls others out in his post to be. Even more of an idiot, since he can’t even recognize that he’s in the same boat as the people he’s ripping on.

          • I still say you are reading too much into his comment.


      … you’d think one would notice the PACIFIC FUCKING OCEAN.. but no.

      …rail road tracks offer a “tactile” driving sensation. haptics?

      … how far would you drive into a SIXTEEN HUNDRED MILE detour until you thought “something’s not right” the dude drove through like 4 different COUNTRIES.

      …”rescue attempt involving a whole team of mountaineers and even a helicopter”

      …limo, stairs. that is all.

  • Vicky

    Mr. Jim, If this would have happened to Android or Windows, I am sure you would have some nice headings containing words like “Fuck”, “Asshole” and other gems of your vocabulary. Can we get at least a big stupid loud laugh out of you on podcast for this Apple debacle?