Switching from iPhone to Windows Phone

Matt Rosoff posted a great piece of his switch to Windows Phone 8.

  • Rich

    Looks like it might be an interesting article but once it hit bottom of page and saw that there were 8 more I’d have to click through I bailed out. Tired of dealing with sites that do this and make reading on my phone a pain. Not your fault at all. I’m just sayin… 🙂

    • Matt Rosoff

      Matt Rosoff, editorial director from CITEworld here. I’m sorry the formatting put you off. I’ll put in a request for a “view all as one page” option for these kinds of longer stories, but it probably won’t happen in time for this article.

    • Click the printer icon at the bottom of the first page to display it all on one page, or use this link: http://www.citeworld.com/print/21177 🙂

  • Yes that was an Interesting read.

    His gripes about music…

    I will say iTunes and iOS can be equally bad at handling album art and organizing track lists when you import tracks purchased from other services, or previously stored in a different music client. I’ve often had to change the name of an album to “Blah Blah 2” and then save it back again as “Blah Blah” to correct issues. Also iTunes has a nasty habit of putting the wrong covers on albums when you use its automated album art tool.

  • I’m going to take your word for it… since this situation would never happen in real life, I saw no point in devoting time to reading it 😉

  • Windows phones better at work, Apples better at consumer stuff. Hmmmmm…