Microsoft increases Surface production, moves up retail availability

Microsoft Corp. today announced plans to make Microsoft Surface available at additional retailers as soon as mid-December. In addition, the company announced the extension of the Microsoft holiday stores, including the transition of several of the stores into permanent Microsoft retail outlets.

So far the only place to buy a Surface has been online or at Microsoft stores, so this means the Surface will be coming to a regular retailer near you soon.

  • Canucker

    Does this sound like a typical promotional claim? No sales talk or even fold increases in production (aka Amazon’s limited release information). “The public reaction to Surface has been exciting to see.”

  • “We’ve increased production” There is no way to call them on this, so color it as bullshit.

  • Surely if the SEC can try and nail Reed Hastings for his innocuous posting on FaceBook, the Bozos Bezos and Ballmer should be investigated for releasing un-verifiable data every time they tell us how great their products are selling?

  • rattyuk

    Well at least if they’re in Best Buy etc. we’ll see how well they are really doing. Here’s the thing. I don’t think it will improve sales.

  • This will result in dozens more sales. I can see it now…

    Customer: “I would like an iPad mini.”

    Best Buy Sales Person: “Have you considered the Surface II? It has Office that requires a mouse and keyboard to use effectively, the hideous Windows file browser lurking immediately below the first level of Windows 8, and almost no third party apps because it’s not Win32 capable even tho it’s sold as a Windows PC with all the wonderful Windows PC interface elements that mobile tablet users have rejected for more than a decade. And the absolutely necessary keyboard makes a loud ‘click’ when attached.”

    Customer: “I’m going to use your networked display PCs to order an iPad from the Apple store. Excuse me.”

  • Why?

  • This is great for Microsoft. It gives them at least two quarters to stuff the channel, force new retailers to warehouse Surface tablets, and claim them as “sold.”