Ikea monkey heads to Canada primate sanctuary

A primate sanctuary in Canada?

  • tylernol

    monkey herpes?

    • I loved the quote: “Toronto Animal Services noted that the monkey species can carry a type of herpes dangerous to humans.”

      As opposed to the human beings that does not carry any type of herpes that’s not dangerous to humans.

      • tylernol

        what do Canadians do with their monkeys in their igloos??

        • and the answer is?

  • Peter Cohen

    Of course! Where else do they keep the sasquatches?

    • gjgustav

      When you think about it, Saskatoon sounds an awful lot like a short form for “Sasquatch-town”

  • RobM

    Ithink they mean the House of Commons

  • Doctorossi

    Some might say that Canada is a primate sanctuary.

    • Boo

      American draft dodgers?

  • Boo

    “A primate sanctuary in Canada?”

    Its not too surprising if you’ve ever met anyone who works on the oilpatch.