Google CEO Larry Page talks about Apple

It’s always the company that steals shit that thinks everyone should share.

And what the hell is this answer from Page:

I mean, obviously we talk to Apple. We have a big search relationship with Apple, and so on, and we talk to them and so on.

He sounds like Miss South Carolina Teen USA Caitlin Upton talking about “the Iraq.”

  • Domicinator

    People who need to do searches such as should be able to search because some people don’t have access to Androids and this is because the Apple is protecting IP.

    • Scruff0

      What on earth are you talking about? None of what you’ve written makes any sense.

      • Joe

        (…assuming you’re not also just trying to be humorous) You apparently need to watch this cringe-worthy video:

        • Scruff0

          Ah. Hadn’t seen that vid. Makes perfect (non)sense now.

  • tylernol

    His Apple answers are all dodges. I like the exchange ” Google Plus was a big bet / Is a bit bet” . Does he really think it still has a shot?

  • Everybody steals shit and whines about sharing.

  • Tvaddic

    What did Google steal from Apple? Please provide examples. And the search relationship he was talking about is the deal where Google pays Apple about 1 billion dollars to be the default search engine. And I think he wasn’t trying to say too much singe repeated himself.


      have you been sleeping in class again.

      There are 100+ lawsuits around the world involving Apple and Android partners. There has been injunctions. $1 Billion award. There has been removal of features in Android due to said injunctions.

      • Tvaddic

        One, these are patents,which are known to be ridiculous, and if that is the case every case Apple lost to Samsung in other parts of the world, were all things Apple “stolen” from Samsung. And Android partners, not Google.

        • groklawyer

          There is not a single fact in this entire statement. Well done!

          • Tvaddic

            Saying Google copied Apple is complete opinion.

        • these are patents,which are known to be ridiculous,

          Except for the fact that the final arbiter of the validity of patents is the courts, and Apple is winning more than it’s losing. What you think of the patent system, and what you think of Apple’s patents, is entirely irrelevant to the reality of Apple’s lawsuits against competitors whom in some cases, ripped off Apple’s designs wholesale. This isn’t the 90s anymore. Apple is not going to be the free R&D lab for the rest of the industry.

          • Tvaddic

            Samsung won against Apple for a patent on 3G, but sense patents aren’t ridiculous, this is justified.

    • CJ


      • Tvaddic

        Yes, what did Google steal.

        • Product design and software design. The only thing that made smartphones something every consumer wanted after 2007. No big thing.

          • Tvaddic

            Google doesn’t design products the Android hardware partners do, and also they didn’t steal software, they adapted it, something RIM, Microsoft, and Nokia should of done. If they stole it like you said, Apple would have sued them by now.

            Apple released a new Apple Tv that is shaped like a Roku, did they steal that? The iPhone 5 is widescreen was that stolen?

  • Tvaddic

    Wait doesn’t everyone want the companies to share. You would want iTunes on an Android phone, or Office for iOS, or every Google service on Windows Phone.

    • Not necessarily. “Open” doesn’t necessarily mean “works properly.”

      • Tvaddic

        What are you talking about? Why would you want to have to be tied down to one service? Where they could potentially charge you more.

        • I’d rather each platform competed for my attention with its own strengths. “Services” are available on all of them in different forms.

          • Tvaddic

            I really don’t know why anyone would want that. Why would you want to have to use an Android for every Google property, including YouTube, Gmail, and search? Apple products would be pretty hardware with so-so software if you had to use Apple’s.

          • You’re entitled to your opinion, even though you’re ignoring the fact that it was Apple’s software that pretty much set the standard for post-2007 smartphones.

          • Tvaddic

            Yes for things like layout, not for services. Your talking about a grid of clickable squares and I’m talking more useful things like email.

  • Franko65

    I’m going to assume his timid nature is the cause for his responses being poorly constructed.