“You bitter, uninspired, bottom-feeding ass”

The Oatmeal and BuzzFeed are having somewhat of a tussle.

  • It’s funny because I constantly see people deify Matthew Inman and belittle his opponents. This is likely because he’s hilariously funny and his opponents all tend to be jacknozzles (Buzzfeed included). That having been said, Inman plays pretty dirty himself and most definitely stoops way lower than necessary. He gets a pass for a lot of stuff that I think less entertaining personalities wouldn’t.

    • Boo

      I’ve never seen him start anything with those who attack him and those that do are usually doing it for some form of profit.

      Jack Stuef is supposedly a contributor to the Onion, a site that is usually funny as hell but has had some stuff on it worse than the Oatmeal’s joke about the F5 key.

      I love how Steuf rags on Inman for “pandering” because he makes comics about cats and dogs while the top headline at Buzzfeed is currently “45 Most Lovable Baby Animal Pictures Of The Year” and is lousy with cute animal pics. The rest of the content on the site is the usual crap we find all over the internet that makes me fear for the survival of our species.

      • You misread my comment. You seem to think I’m trying to defend his opponents.

    • tyr

      You can’t argue over taste and when you take potshots at a jester you always come away looking like a sad little man. Of course this is the internet where being a sad sack for pageviews is a booming business.

      • “when you take potshots at a jester you always come away looking like a sad little man. “

        That’s a really good observation. Well said.

  • pawhite524

    An Oatmeal/Apple parallel? I think so. Get to be the Name on Everybody’s Tongue and the witch hunters come out.

    I know nothing really of Matt Inman personally but find the Oatmeal site to be hilarious. Few comics can be named that don’t have a dark side. Sid Caesar, though brilliant, was known to be a real SOB frequently to his cast and crew, as was Johnny Carson, Lenny Bruce, Andy Kaufmann, and on and on. So Matt Inman the comic is funny to me. Matt Inman the person? Don’t know him…

    And back to the Oatmeal/Apple parallel, Steve Jobs was a creative genius and as charismatic as anyone ever and he got away with a lot of SOB-ness, too.

    Having read this post I’m siding with Inman and believe Steuf just wrote an article guaranteed to get hits. The Onion News wrote, not long ago, (and I paraphrase here) “We put the name Apple in the title of a story and got 3 times the views we would have got if it wasn’t in the story title.” So maybe Mr Steuf did learn something hanging out at The Onion?

  • Anyone who takes on The Oatmeal had better be prepared to be pantsed in public. And this bozo gets it good. Deserved every bit. The Oatmeal is obnoxious and profane and sometimes goes way out of his way to be provocative. And we love him for it.

  • JDSoCal

    Ignore the PC concern trolls. Or tell them to fuck off. Never appease them.

  • Never go to war against Inman.

  • Love me some Oatmeal!