The Brontosaurus never existed


It may have something to do with all those Brontosaurus burgers everyone’s favorite modern stone-age family ate, but when you think of a giant dinosaur with a tiny head and long, swooping tail, the Brontosaurus is probably what you’re seeing in your mind.

Well hold on: Scientifically speaking, there’s no such thing as a Brontosaurus.

Why can’t these damn scientists leave our childhoods alone!? Columbus didn’t discover America, Pluto isn’t a planet and now this!

  • lucascott

    I’m okay with no brontosaurus but leave my TRex alone

    • That is just SO selfish of you…

    • JohnDoey

      T-Rex was not a lizard, so can’t be king of the lizards. T-Rex had giant colorful feathers. His little arms are wings he stopped using once he couldn’t lift his giant feathered butt off the ground. Not the lizard you are imagining.

    1. Lemming don’t jump off cliff in droves.
    2. Nero didn’t burn Rome. Christians did.
    3. Trojan war was for stealing Troy Women.
    4. WW I was started because British were running out of Coal and wanted Oil for themselves.
    5. White Man didn’t discover the New World, it was already occupied.
    • JohnDoey

      Nero was never accused of burning Rome. He is famous for not doing anything to stop it.

      Of course Europeans did not discover “The New World.” People crossed the Bering Straight from Asia 10,000 years earlier, and there were Vikings in North America hundreds of years before Columbus anyway.

  • JohnDoey

    The real issue is dinosaurs never existed. They were just birds. Bo reptiles, no leathery skin, no lizards. Just early ostriches. When you see one depicted as a lizard, it is missing its feathers.

  • EVula

    How the hell is this news? [question directed at NPR, not you guys] I’ve known that the brontosaurus wasn’t a real species for at least a decade. I didn’t think it was particularly arcane knowledge.

    • I knew the brontosaurus wasn’t “real” but I thought the interesting aspect of the story was the competition between the two paleontologists. That’s the reason why I posted it.

      • EVula

        Shame on me for not clicking thru to the article, then. But still, like I said, none of my ire was for you. 🙂

  • Pagliacci

    I think some modified lyrics from Isane Clown Posse is required here. “Brontosaurus, when did they live? And I don’t wanna talk to a scientist Y’all motherbothers lying, and getting me pissed.”

  • Paulc

    Do read Stephan Jay Gould’s “Bully for the Bronyosaurus”. Year, it never existed and this is old, old news, but don’t drop that name so quickly.

  • John W Baxter

    I knew the correct Columbus information during childhood. That didn’t keep me from enjoying the Columbus Day school holiday.

  • Fuck dinosaurs anyway.