Redesigning Notification Center

Alex Saretzky took a shot at redesigning the Notification Center for Mac and iOS. I really like some of his ideas. Tip: Click on the iPhone to play the movie and click on the links to see animations of his ideas.

  • d

    maybe this should autoplay?

  • Jim, Thank you very much for posting! I just want to get a conversation started around what we the users expect from our favorite mobile operating system!

  • This idea addresses my two Notification Center pet peeves…

    1. Currently the linen background slides down over the Home Screen, when really the Home Screen should slide down to reveal the Notification Center with linen in the background.

    2. Clearing the Notification Center is a painful exercise in tapping precision.

    Hopefully iOS7 will include a major overhaul of NC.

  • Xylias

    Yay. More unsolicited redesigns. Woo-hoo. Just as bad as the other ones.