Pageview Journalism

This is exactly why Peter, Shawn and I do our best to bring fresh links and articles. We aren’t focused on pageviews, but rather posting things that interest us. Of course, the hope is that they’ll interest you as well.

My thought is that if we continue to provide articles worth reading, you will come back. So far, that has proven to be true.

  • FromMyCube

    Hate to be that guy as I like most of your content, but if you didn’t care about page views, you would tweet the links directly instead of using the loop as an intermediary.

    • Good point. I never said I didn’t like to eat 🙂

      The difference I think is that I won’t post an inflammatory article just to get people angry and get pageviews. I’ll post something I like or believe — if that results in pageviews, that’s fine.

      • Exactly. “Pageview Journalism” means you write things simply to get pageviews as opposed to writing things that just happen to get pageviews.

    • Peter Cohen

      That’s predicated on the assumption that all of our traffic is driven by Twitter, which isn’t the case. We need a framework not only to post links but also to post our own original content, like my piece on “dumb phones” today and Jim’s music gear reviews.

      But as Jim has pointed out before, our revenue model isn’t driven entirely by page views.

      And to add to what Jim has said, we make it easier than a lot of sites do to bypass our content and go straight to the source if that’s what you want to do.

      Just ask the many, many content producers on the Web who know how much referral traffic we’ve pushed their way over the years.

      • FromMyCube

        I didn’t say i disapproved but every blogger/journalist/writer/etc all buy into the click-baiting, it just depends as to what degree.

        With headlines, everyone tries to make them more attractive, this post as an example. You could have titled it ” We don’t post extravagant titles for clicks” but chose a more open ended title…it’s not bad, but everyone plays the game.

        I still love you all and will keep coming back as long as you refrain from the [EXCLUSIVE] MICRO$OFT $ucks [SLIDESHOW INTERVIEW] as your titles.

        • Damn, [EXCLUSIVE] MICRO$OFT $ucks was my next story 😉

      • Exactly. It’s something I personally dislike, because I like to see the comment made by you, Jim, or Shawn first, before clicking through to a story.

  • “This is exactly why Peter, Shawn and I…”

    He mentioned me! OMG

    He likes me! He really likes me!!

  • SV650

    I stop by at least daily, largely due to the variety. I especially appreciated the article on whisk(e)y! Now I have an additional task for the 12 days of Christmas!

    Now if Jim were to let me know where to send a cheque…….

    • “I especially appreciated the article on whisk(e)y!”

      LOL You’re welcome! That’s a perfect example of what Jim is talking about when he says we “post things that interest us.” I’m a big fan of good whiskey. 🙂

      “Now if Jim were to let me know where to send a cheque…….”

      You DO have a Loop Membership, right?

      • SV650

        Been avoiding Pay Pal due to the exchange rates they charge. I’d happily toss a cheque in the mail once a year though……

        • Send it to me. I’ll make sure Jim gets it…



  • You mean not all blogs do not aspire to be the next Mashable? How disappointing…