Owning your mistakes

Brian Lam demonstrates how to own your mistake and move on.

Much respect Brian.

  • Owning your mistakes goes a long way. And I’m genuinely impressed that he owned it as strongly as he did. Major kudos for that.

    At least for me though, he still has a long way to go, since the actions he was involved in are largely the reason why I came to dislike Gizmodo as much as I do. Between his disrespect for his readership with the Halo 3 swag video he made (followed up by a fake apology where he dug the hole even deeper), the TV-B-Gone incident at CES 2008 that got someone at Gizmodo banned for life from CES (and for which I am aware of no apology), and his hand in the whole ordeal with the iPhone prototype Apple lost a few years ago (for which he posted a laughable apology to the guy who lost the prototype at the bar, explaining how they just couldn’t resist the story), I’ve had a hard time taking him seriously or putting much credence in anything he says or does.

    I do believe he’s a smart guy. I just hope he’s finally grown up.

  • This is how it’s done. It’s just a shame that mistake-owning like this is the exception instead of the norm.