Microsoft Silverlight shattered now redirects to a page on MSDN. Some but not all of the content has been migrated to MSDN, but Microsoft has not bothered to redirect the URLs, so most of the links out there to resources and discussions on Silverlight will dump you to the aforementioned generic page.

That’s one way to end a technology.

  • Doesn’t Netflix browser streaming still use silverlight?

  • Yup! Netflix does use Silverlight.

  • Pathetic.

    • Everytime Microsoft comes out with a new technology, no matter what it is, I want a detailed retrospective of all their failed technologies thru the last 30 years.

      Or is that only applicable when Apple makes a misstep?

      • For all his aimless blithering, Daniel Dilger used to run some long articles about exactly that at Roughly Drafted.

  • For a while there, California’s Employment Development Department required Silverlight in order to pay employment taxes online. And, I’m pretty sure, all employers are required to pay employment taxes online. It was horrible. Basic keystrokes like tab didn’t work right. Now, thankfully, it works with any modern browser. But I shudder to think of how many of my tax dollars were dumped down the toilet implementing the system in Silverlight and then reimplementing it with web standards.

    I’m really surprised it never became a bigger issue. I’m sure the University of California’s new logo will turn into a huge shitstorm even though it only cost a tiny fraction of the EDD’s Silverlight debacle.

    • I can deal with a crappy identity change a lot more easily than a proprietary web app some idiot consultant put in place on a public-funded site.