Jean-Louis Gassee on ‘the enduring Apple TV fantasy’

Jean-Louis Gassée, former Apple vice president, opines on the state of television and what’s to be made by Tim Cook’s recent comments in an NBC interview about television being “an area of intense interest” for Apple.

There aren’t any really pithy quotes I can pull from here, but Gassée makes some excellent points in his essay, including an analysis of the Apple TV (the real one, the black box you can buy today) and its impact on Apple’s bottom line, and its potential role in Apple’s ecosystem.

Well worth a read, as are most of Gassée’s “Monday Note” blog posts.

  • JC

    Nice catch, anecdotally, in the last two weeks, a few friends have asked me about AppleTV and what living w/out sat or cable is like…probs part of the Holiday daddy gadget search, but also, perhaps an indicator the market is finally catching up with the notion that a cable bundling monopoly might not be the consumers best friend…one last point, if you read those Comsuck flyers like I do, to see what they’re pitching, you’ll notice it looks like they’re finally coming around to the idea of selling an on-demand only option + now they’re trying to sell you home security with webcams! Brave new world brotha…

  • stefn

    I own an Apple TV. It’s an iMac. Got rid of my TV. Got rid of my cable sub. Works great. Looks great.

    Apple might make a TV but, in fact, it will be a computer in sheep’s clothing. Apple makes computers and only computers because that’s what it loves. Computers. That’s Apple’s lust and heart’s blood and mission in life. It also knows people have learned rightfully to hate computers. So it disguises computers as phones and walkmans and maybe TVs.

    Maybe. Apple’s learned it is not enough to disguise the computer or even to make it damn pretty: Apple knows it also needs a firehose of highly appealing content. Content that’s relatively cheap and relatively exclusive. No buck a tune, no iPod. No buck an app, no iPhone. And no buck a show, no iPhlix.

  • I already own a television made by Apple (in the 1990s). I think it was cool, but I can’t imagine they’d want to do that again. I much prefer the AppleTV connected to my plasma set in the living room.