Tim Cook’s full interview with NBC

Brian Williams interviewing Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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  • Jeremy

    Broken link. FYI

  • Why do people still use Flash??? Pure craziness or maybe laziness.

  • Moeskido

    Williams is a doofus who makes television for fourth-graders.

    • That “interview” exemplifies everything that is wrong with journalism and it’s obsession with a false objectivity. It’s not enough to just get Tim Cook’s insight regarding the current state of Apple. No, we must revisit every misstep, real or imagined, from the last year, as well as portray Samsung’s insulting ads as some kind of nuclear weapon strike on Apple. “Blistering. Bold. Damaging. Unthinkable.” Really? The press that repeated uncritically every Apple doomsday scenario as destiny is going to pretend no one ever publicly criticised Apple? And of course the “religion” of Apple and it’s acolytes. And the prose “Sometimes the business of making pretty things is ugly.” Fuck off.

      You have the CEO of the most important tech company on the planet in a one on one. Let’s have less oh-so-clever manipulation of the message and more actual interview.

      • Moeskido

        What a remarkable opportunity wasted. Unless Williams was specifically recruited to make this a puff piece.

        • JDSoCal

          Yep, Williams is a moron. I can think of about a million questions I would have asked Cook. But Williams was too busy running the Samsung ad, no time.

        • I don’t think they can help it. That’s the problem with making pabulum for mass consumption. Subtlety doesn’t cut it.

          • No matter how fluffy this piece was, if you listen closely to Cook, you’ll still get a lot out of it. That’s something that people and competitors should take note of; everything Cook said seemed sincere, scarily sincere. Everything he said about what Apple ‘s goals are what their modus operandi looks like, all is true and verifiable by checking the past developments. This should be a warning sign for the competition, because a company with values like this, operates on a different level and the only companies that can compete in the long term are those with a similar no-bullshit attitude towards its customers.

  • Manolis

    Ipad here, can’t see s**t.

  • Boo

    Gah, I wanted to listen to what Tim had to say, not some douche going on about tiresome oversimplifications and talking points that were old a year ago and inaccurate analysis.

    When people line up for Star Wars films or Playstations do they get called a religion? Why is it only with Apple] they lump everyone with a similar preference for a product in with those with more enthusiasm than sense.

    And what was this about being the only company not to fade away into obscurity? Hello, ever hear about IBM and its mountain of patents and current work producing game console chips?

    What a wasted opportunity.

    • Yeah, it’s hard to find someone who’s truly great at interviewing. Maybe Cook will go on The Daily Show next.