Listen to the BBC radio version of Asimov’s “Foundation” trilogy

The Verge:

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation novels are a cornerstone of science fiction, but getting into a vast series about, among other things, mathematically predicting the rise and fall of entire civilizations isn’t always easy. In 1973, however, the BBC adapted Foundation into a serial radio drama, capturing the original trilogy in eight hour-long episodes. These are available on the Internet Archive, which means that you can listen to them online or download them in all their slightly scratchy glory.

I first read The Foundation Trilogy as a young teenager and loved them. I come back to re-read them about every decade. I’ve been thinking it’s about time to read them again but maybe I’ll just let the folks at the BBC entertain me this time.

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    The character of the Mule is in no way affiliated with Mike Monteiro or Mule Design. Take only as directed. Stunt driver on closed course. Your mileage may vary.

  • hrpanjwani

    Between Asimov’s Foundation trilogy and Herbert’s Dune trilogy, I can never choose which one is better. And that is true competition. 🙂