Baldur’s Gate released for iPad

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, a new version of the classic computer role playing (CRPG) game originally developed by BioWare, has been released for the iPad. The game will cost you $9.99 and is available for immediate download from the App Store.

Overhaul Games, comprising several of the game’s original developers, has recreated Baldur’s Gate in a new “Enhanced Edition” featuring new characters, new adventures, new content and more. The company originally planned to release the game over the summer but used some additional time to tweak and improve the gameplay experience.

The game includes the original Baldur’s Gate along with the Tales From the Sword Coast expansion pack, a new adventure called The Black Pits and a new playable monk character called Rasaad yn Bashir. Other content, including additional player characters, is available through in-app purchases.

Baldur’s Gate is a CRPG designed to conform to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition play rules, set in the Forgotten Realms world used in D&D tabletop games. The game was a huge hit for BioWare, which went on to create sequels, and later made the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series.

The game was released at the end of November for PC. It’s also coming to Mac and Android.

Here’s the trailer, to give you a taste of the gameplay:


  • Awww,,,,CRAP! There go my plans for a productive weekend….

  • rwitt

    Serious question: if I’ve never played Baldur’s Gate before, do you recommend I play the iPad edition or should I wait for the new Mac version of the game? Which will be a better introductory experience for me?

    • Peter Cohen

      The Mac version will cost a bit more but will include everything that the iPad version offers through in-app purchase, so there’s that to consider.

      The game was originally developed for a computer but has been well overhauled for a touch screen system. It’s pretty comparable, on balance. I guess the question is, do you want to take it with you wherever you’d take your iPad, or is it enough to have it on your computer?

      • Cost and system requirements might be an issue too. I have to imagine the Mac version will be more than the $10 of the iOS version. And the iOS version requires iOS 6 – which I don’t have. But I don’t play games like this on my Mac so I’m not a customer of that version regardless.

        So my weekend freed itself back up. 🙁

      • rwitt

        Thanks. I’m leaning towards the Mac version since I can’t imagine playing this game on the road, and I’ve always enjoyed computer games

        • Peter Cohen

          Well, waiting isn’t going to hurt you. Best to decide once you can compare each product and decide which fits your needs better.

  • Boo

    So many eyes, so little time . . .

  • Durden

    DO NOT BUY IN APP CHARACTERS. I did this and lost 3 bucks and the character nowhere to be found. Spent the money and cant even use him. Lame.