Maybe the Mac Pro will be the US produced computer

Alexander Hoffmann makes an argument that it will be the Mac Pro and not the iMac that Apple will make in the US.

  • 110% agree. A low volume, high-magin product like the Mac Pro is probably the best line to bring to the USA on a small scale. I’m not sure any other line could be entirely brought over.

    I’m sure Apple is looking at the current political and economic climate and thinking “we really need to diversify our manufacturing partners to hedge against any possible future outcome” and this is another way to do it. Brazil is also in the mix. Apple becoming MORE international is a good thing for the company, its products, and ultimately for us as well.

  • Michael

    I thought this would be the move to make last year. I even wrote one of those emails you hope to get a 1-word response from to Jobs about it.

    The clear reasons to do it are the high margins, high street price, and the low volumes. Despite the anti-Apple sentiment, this would work out decently as a political move too.

  • Lee

    Well my iMac 21.5″ 2011 model I purchased last year new says “Assembled in USA” so I think the ball has already started to roll on this topic.

    • nuttmedia

      In the Bloomberg interview he explicitly separates what they will be doing as being more than just “assembly”. The Mac Pro argument makes all the sense in the world, and could be something of a test run for a more substantive USA-based product build in other areas.

    • Jim H

      Was it BTO (Built to order) ?

  • Moeskido


  • steve_wildstrom

    Mac Pro also makes sense because they are big and heavy (i.e., expensive to ship) and highly customized.