Interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook

Bloomberg Businessweek has an exclusive interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook that published this morning.

  •  iPadCary 

    Jim, is there a way to get the entire interview on 1 page or whatever so I can InstaPaper it?



  • rwitt

    Very interesting read. I’m disappointed the interviewer didn’t press Cook at all about gender diversity, after Cook said how important diversity is for senior management at Apple. It was the the elephant in the room for sure. Would have been interested to hear Cook’s response.

    • JDSoCal

      Are you serious? Cook has the best team on earth and you want to play affirmative action games? Which man would you fire to make room? Ive? Schiller?

      Please just let Apple be Apple and go have a gender studies seminar on some college campus.

    • JDSoCal

      “We really value diversity with a capital D. We want diversity of thought. We want diversity of style.” -Tim Cook

      Real diversity, not gender studies.

    • lucascott

      The problem with gender and even race diversity discussions is that we don’t know who asked for the job. Sometimes you can’t hire to a quota because there are no candidates at all much less one with the needed skills.

      So unless we can see the talent pool etc we can’t say that the white boys club is because Apple is sexist and racist or something else

      • rwitt

        This is one of the reasons that I wanted the question to be asked. Not because I already know the answer, but because I want to hear what Cook says is the reason. Given that Cook was talking about diversity, and that Apple has been criticized for lack of diversity, I was shocked the interviewer didn’t even ask.

  • JohnDoey

    I think it is iMacs because of the friction-stir welding and maybe the cost of shipping the large glass from Kentucky, if that is where the glass is being made.