Another TSA agent caught stealing iPads

TSA baggage screener Sean Henry, 32, was arrested on Tuesday after a sting operation conducted jointly by the TSA and the Port Authority Police Department caught Henry leaving the airport with two iPads that had been planted as part of the sting, as well as numerous other electronics devices he had allegedly stolen from passengers. Just as in a recent ABC News investigation of thefts by TSA agents, the sting used the iPads’ own tracking capabilities to follow the stolen tablets’ movements.

I’m glad they’re getting caught.

  • matthewmaurice

    So basically we need a transportation security agency to protect us from the Transportation Security Agency. GREAT!

  • The TSA’s new slogan: “The TSA. Protecting you from terrorists one stolen iPad at a time.”

    The TSA is a dream come true for the Taliban. With absolutely no continued effort on their part, it is costing us billions of dollars a year to make air travel even more miserable and inconvenient plus on top of that they steal our crap.

  • matthewmaurice

    Damn, the iPads were just the beginning. From the article

    “MacBook Pro and a pair of new Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones still in the box. They also found another set of Beats Headphones, an Apple iPad Mini, an Apple iPod and an iPhone, which were taken for further investigation.

    A subsequent search of his house also turned up a black Apple Macbook that was identified as stolen property, Coleman said.

    OK, the guy was basically opening an Apple Store in his house!

  • chjode

    Now, if the TSA could actually catch terrorists. They’ve stopped zero terror plots, but they seem quite adept at stealing personal property and patting down kids.

    • matthewmaurice

      The successes of Dept. Homeland Security “tiger teams” in infiltrating explosives into airports is horrifying. Ironically, the last leaked report I saw said that SFO’s non-TSA security screeners were the most accurate (but still had only 80% success rate).

    • lucascott

      Actually you don’t know that they have or haven’t stopped any plots. None have happened but we can’t say if that is because they weren’t being planned ever or because those that were considering it were scared off by the security measure and aborted plans.

      Not to mention that bagging the TSA gets more hits than praising them so we only hear about thefts, ‘out of line’ behavior etc and unless it is something huge, never about the rest.

      • chjode

        Heh. We know with 110% certainty that the TSA has not foiled any terrorist plots because they would be bragging about it all over the news. Every time a terrorist plot has been foiled on a plane, it has been the passengers who have done so, not the TSA. As you said, the TSA gets only bad press, so if they did something awesome, we’d hear about it to no end.

        The TSA is an over-funded, under-trained collection of minimum wage security guards who exist only because of political expediency. They are experts in violating personal and civil rights in the name of “security” and firmly closing barn doors after the horse is long gone.

  • Moeskido

    How many does it take to shut this agency down?

  • Tom

    Always glad to read stories like this, ever since one of those *£$#%¥£ stole my iPod and my headphones in Newark last year…

  • Baggage Screeners: The roadies of the TSA’s security theatre.

  • lucascott

    Just as many thefts are done by baggage handlers, flight attendants etc. in fact possibly many more than TSA agents do. But bagging on the TSA gets page hits thus the attention.

    It’s get these thieves are being caught but we need to see the big picture and hear about the rest of the culprits and what’s being done about them.

    All that said, why would you be crazy enough to put anything of value in checked luggage. If its not the theft issue how about the way they sling stuff around with no thought of damaging contents