Amazon sells 34 apps from its Appstore in the last year

App downloads in the Appstore have grown more than 500 percent over the previous year.

All Amazon says in its press release is that they have grown 500 percent. Typical of the way they do business, they refuse to release actual numbers.

So, I’m guessing it’s 34 apps. Amazon hasn’t said anything to prove me wrong, so that’s what I’m going with. It’s a lot of fun to play loosey goosey with numbers isn’t it Amazon?

  • It can’t be 34, because that’s not 500% of any other number. So I’m going with 35.

    • Canucker

      One was sent back as it was so crappy. Actually, they sold 10,000 apps and all but 34 were sent back.

    • bob

      It says “more than 500%”… 34 is more than 500% of quite a few numbers. 🙂

  • Aaron Dowd

    amazon sells apps?

  • rj

    Weird how this site and others are jumping all over a bullet point at the end of a press release titled: “Amazon Launches New A/B Testing Capability for App Developers”, and nobody is discussing the merits of A/B Testing or why Apple doesn’t offer it.

    • Techpm

      It’s confusing for users. You download the same app twice (or maybe for your mom/dad/etc), same version and get two different things?

    • lucascott

      Having read the whole thing it is an easy call to see why they don’t use such a thing. User confusion and ire at being forced to be beta testers. It would have the potential to turn things into a mess. Folks would have to be told up front that this was going on, there would be multiple versions of apps all over the store etc.

      Developers with iOS can already test on their own devices and are encouraged to do so. They are allowed multiple devices even so they can privately try different ideas before going to the store.

  • Well they certainly seem to be getting a rise out of you.

  • Wasn’t appstore copyrighted by apple? How can they name their store an appstore?

    • lucascott

      Trademark, not copyright. And I believe they settled out of court, if it has been heard yet at all.

  • lucascott

    You have a typo in the headline. I think you meant 3-4